Private Rooms
Thousands of Songs
Echo provides private rooms for karaoke with full service at your call. All of our rooms boast crisp microphone vocals and surround sound, and are alchohol permitted. Bring your friends and          
Sing Your Heart Out!
Echo's song library consists of tunes from many different countries, with thousands of English songs and stays updating to meet guest demands. Our remote system is equipped with an intuitive Artist/Song search function.
  1. Reservations
    Reserve a room today through phone or e-mail! Small Rooms are for walk-in clients only. Keep in mind that the earlier the reservation, the higher the likelihood of securing the room best fit for your experience!
  2. Special Events
    Inquire about special bookings with Echo. Accommodations could range from Special Order Bottle Service to catering or full floor buy-outs. Let us know your interests through e-mail for special event bookings.
  3. Coin Karaoke
    Echo provides small booths with coin activated Karaoke machines suitable for couples or personal use. For those looking for a quick stress reliever in the form of song!
Sing Your Heart Out
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